How Secure Our Network .......???? & Challenge's with Recent Cyber Attack

Massive Hit - "RANSOMWARE". ATM is "DOWN" suggested Not to do Any "Online" Transaction", PC's were Locked" Systems were "Shutdown"; Bitcoin Wallet's filling-up with Cash.

It's a major Cyber Attack at a scale never seen before impacting Organization's across UK, Spain, Russia, Italy, Vietnam, Taiwan & China. Such Attack's are Victimizing Organization's.  

It's still not very clear which all organizations impacted. Researcher's has detected 36000 instances of "Ransomware" , called "WannaCry" & other variant named "This is huge". So the question Is "How Secure is My Network...?? How Secure is Our Organization....? How Ready We Are....? To face such unforeseen challenge's...??? Security is still Hot Topic But Organization are giving Least priority when it's comes to Budget, Focus is "Only Business". Is it True...?

Organizations who concerned with "Security" means securing "Data" are scrambling to identify security weaknesses before their adversaries do. Having a consistent, systematic, and scalable methodology to properly assess your environment is essential. To begin you need a solid understanding of the organization, its components, what it relies on, and what could cause it harm. Thorough assessment is required to Analyze Potential Risk's & Threat's which can impact "Digital Asset's" of The Organization.  

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