Hadoop is powerful and open-source -Available as an open-source software framework, Hadoop is easily able to store and process huge amounts of data. Its sheer horsepower and capability has many impressed. Forrester has this to say about Hadoop - “It’s become a must-have for large enterprises, forming the cornerstone of any flexible future data platforms needed in the age of the customer”.

Hadoop is well-suited for marketing -Hadoop can make that big difference to organizations by aiding them in their marketing needs. This it does with retail analysis - finding more about customer behavior patterns on the web, providing personalized recommendations, aiding personalized targeting, and more.

Hadoop is one of the fastest growing techs out there - Hadoop and NoSQL are identified as the fastest growing technologies in the data market by Wikibon, a Technology Research Organization. All the more reason for you to learn Hadoop –unless you want to get left behind in the dust by your peers, that is!

Hadoop opens up tremendous opportunities in a wide range of roles -Finding implementation in diverse industries, Hadoop professionals can find work in a wide range of roles such as Hadoop Architect, Hadoop Developer, Data Scientist, and Hadoop Administrator. In addition, implementing this technology is possible only when the professional has a deep-rooted understanding of the framework.

Hadoop pays well – Hadoop is among the most sought-after skills in the Big Data market, and certified Hadoop developers can expect to take home fat paychecks. Organizations are willing to pay a premium and invest in Hadoop-skilled professionals as long as the right talent is available.

Hadoop has a healthy future ahead -For any professional seeking to grow big in the Big Data domain, this skill is a must-learn at some point of their career. The Big Data market is growing exponentially and Hadoop as a framework is not going to disappear anytime.

Hadoop is finding increasing adoption at global MNCs - Top companies like Dell, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, eBay, Oracle are betting big on the implementation of this framework.

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Nice information. 

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good information


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