There are three components of teaching

  • Teacher (Mentor)
  • Contents
  • Learner (students)

 Teachers are selected through a process of selection in both government and private schools. Of course, these selection processes are changed and updated from time to time. There is a mention of the updated selection procedure in the new education policy. Typically the selection procedure parameters could be a qualification, personality, delivery mechanism, experience, and generic knowledge of the subject. This is a separate topic and needs to be discussed in the future. However, we must mention here to update teachers' effectiveness and updation of newer technologies in teaching through training which is mandatory in govt. and private schools.

 Contents are the real matter of concern and mostly in schools classroom contents are not written but the academic book is used as a part of teaching. To me, books are and should be used as reference books or explanations of the syllabus. A sort of reference material. here the teacher who gives material in a language which is easily understood by the average student. and if the contents are written ad quality check by a Quality control experts then the teaching will be homogeneous and quality approved. and these contents are made as per the average student. Now if teh student improvises these contents and understands it with teh help fo reference books, or tuition then he will definitely perform higher then the others. and now even a student who is below average understands quality content, he will perform average in the class. so chances are the better results.

so we can easily conclude that written contents, delivery mechanisms, and quality control is the key to improve the teaching system.

 Learner: on the other hand learner ( a student) needs to be prepared for the better understanding and learning. There should be enough visuals and the method should be so interesting that a below-average student can also learn and participate in the discussion and hence better understanding.

 Unfortunately, the teacher has to charge up the class also for attention and concentration. The whole game of education can easily be delivered if we focus more on the methodology of learning then plain teaching. we should make students understand how they should learn. a procedure of learning. A mathematic of learning. As a technology person, I understand and believe that once a trainer/teacher tells how to understand, it is very easy what they are trying to learn.

I am not a teacher but a software trainer and train scientist, researchers, students, faculty etc.

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